“Life monotonous? A bit dull? Slightly rubbishy? Fear not fine friends! Skeewiff’s Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom Remixed album, or to give it it’s working title, ’50 Wiff’s of Yahey!’ will turn your life — literally — upside down. Who knew Skeewiff were also Mary Poppins-style mambo love gurus? Prepare to become fully fledged erotic Goddesses of love with a penchant for high shenanigans and risqué derring-do. French ticklers? No Sir, we will not rest until we’ve tickled all of France. A spoonful of sugar? Yes please! Blown into us via a straw thanks. Two fingers? Not enough madame! we want the ‘double apocalypto slippery nipple’ or we’re going home!

Skeewiff will also teach you to play all the love games; topless darts, bottomless chess, strip Cluedo; Professor Pimp! In the Ballroom! With a map of Mexico, some cable ties and a tub of petroleum jelly!

* No ballrooms were hurt in the making of this album, but one did get quite a lot of baby oil spilt on it, so mind your step x”

Tango De La Destruccion (Jayl Funk Remix)

Исполнитель Skeewiff
Год 2014
Breaks, Dance, Dubstep, House, Latin, Remix, Tango

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