Released 20/01/14 on Jalapeno Records

The Jalapeno Funk series is Jalapeno’s successful annual a snap shot with a mission to supply the forward looking funk. Exclusive tracks and remixes from Valique, Cadien, Quasamodo, Skaggs & Drummond, Basement Freaks and Kraak & Smaak sit alongside tracks from Smoove & turrell, Skeewiff, Dr Rubberfunk and a whole host of Jalapeno stalwarts. As usual full album purchases will be accompanied by a DJ mix version mixed by Jalapeno Sound System.

Ain’t no party like a J-Funk party cause a J-Funk party won’t stop.

Skeewiff — Now I’m Livin For Me (Fort Knox Five Remix)

Исполнитель Skeewiff
Год 2014
Big beat, Boogie, Break-Beat, Breaks, Funk, Soul

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