Lets Have Scratch For Break-Fest [Remaster]

One of the original tracks from the short-lived but legendary FSUK days. Featuring none other than label founder and scratch DJ extraordinaire DJ Steve Canueto himself.

«This is the story of how to create a break-beat… beat, fiky-feow beat»

  • Steve Canueto — Turntables
  • Alex Rizzo — Keyboards & Programming

Digitally remastered from the 2 track DAT for your listening pleasure

  • Original recording: 19.05.1998
  • Original release Date: 30.08.1998

Skeewiff feat. Steve Canueto — Lets Have Scratch For Break-Fest [Remaster]

Исполнитель Skeewiff
Год 2013
Breaks, Funky, Scratch, Turntable

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