3rd and final single off The Age Of Reason before the album drops!

I think I’m high, no I definitely am,
I can tell by the way that I’m jumpin out my skin,
ill be fine but damn you’re fine,
and that ass is a 10,
I hope you’re not offended just sharin my opinion,
with you sweetheart, lets go for a swim,
the heat is killin my high and I’d love to see you in,
the room completely nude you’re soaking wet damn look at you,
rockin that shit on this lovely afternoon boi.

After we dried off I thought we could assume,
more sexual positions by the side of the pool,
who cares who is watching all the freaky things we do,
rocking that shit what a lovely afternoon.

Girl it was obvious that I wanted more than a kiss,
But no relationship,
Just some freaky shit!
Girl it was obvious that I wanted more than a kiss,
Those eyes those lips those hips,
Now shake your ass to this!

Gramatik — Obviously (Feat. Cherub & Exmag)

Исполнитель Gramatik
Год 2014

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