“Life monotonous? A bit dull? Slightly rubbishy? Fear not fine friends! Skeewiff’s Ghetto Latin & Broken Ballroom Remixed album, or to give it it’s working title, ’50 Wiff’s of Yahey!’ will turn your life — literally — upside down. Who knew Skeewiff were also Mary Poppins-style mambo love gurus? Prepare to become fully fledged erotic Goddesses of love with a penchant for high shenanigans and risqué derring-do. French ticklers? No Sir, we will not rest until we’ve tickled all of France. A spoonful of sugar? Yes please! Blown into us via a straw thanks. Two fingers? Not enough madame! we want the ‘double apocalypto slippery nipple’ or we’re going home!

Skeewiff will also teach you to play all the love games; topless darts, bottomless chess, strip Cluedo; Professor Pimp! In the Ballroom! With a map of Mexico, some cable ties and a tub of petroleum jelly!

* No ballrooms were hurt in the making of this album, but one did get quite a lot of baby oil spilt on it, so mind your step x”

Fritada De Cumbia Feat. Rayna (Hong Kong Ping Pong Remix)

Исполнитель Skeewiff
Год 2014
Dance, Funk, Ghetto, Ghetto Funk, Hip-Hop, Latin, Remix

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