!The final djblesone bboy mixtape!

Produced, written, arranged & mixed by djblesone.

Additional vocals by don’t talk to the cops!

All drums by djblesone except: too slick & god’s gonna cut you down.

All instruments by djblesone except: too slick, god’s gonna cut you down & bitch don’t kill my vibe.

Drums & additional instruments on come on by djblesone.


0:00 — djblesone — the king’s speech

2:13 — djblesone — mess it up
(dedicated to knuckleheads cali)

4:09 — djblesone x dtttc! — never let you go
(dedicated to emecks)

6:01 — djblesone x plan b — prayin (djblesone west coast bboy remix)
(dedicated to los angeles)

7:21 — djblesone — holler if ya hear me
(dedicated to mash hall love family)

8:52 — djblesone x the like — square one
(dedicated to mr. Wiggles)

10:25 — djblesone x sly5thave x the clubcasa chamber orchestra x dtttc! — bitch don’t kill my vibe (djblesone bboy remix)
(dedicated to bles fox)

12:12 — djblesone x shanell — voices
(dedicated to mixmaster k.D.)

14:30 — guru x yungun — too slick
(dedicated to guru of gangstarr r.I.P.)

15:36 — frank catalano x jimmy chamnerlin
— god’s gonna cut you down
(dedicated to seattle)

16:24 — djblesone — swede vikings
(dedicated to sweden)

18:29 — djblesone — anything’s possible
(dedicated to portland)

20:33 — djblesone x dtttc! X the sonics — come on
(dedicated to the sonics & the stooges)

22:12 — djblesone — stevie wonder
(dedicated to stevie wonder)

djblesOne — KING OF SWEDEN

Исполнитель djblesOne
Год 2016
Bboy Breaks, Free Download, Soul

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