Hear is my Mix for @NSBRadio @Doctorhooka Surgery from 7th May… its full of Hip Hop / Breaks / Funk Old and new hope ya all like it…


Caro emerald — Phibes remix
Beenie man — Dude (sammy senior remix)
Funk moguls — Here comes the funksteppers
Featurecast — Funky white brother
The emoticons — The best of my love (V love to do it edit)
Parliament — Flash light (slynk remix)
Uptown funk (Groovemantis remix)
Father funk — Jungle strut
Tom booze — Funky vibrations
Dj twister aka Vinyl cat — The realfunky party
Father funk — Kinda groovy
Respect (Jroc remix)
Phibes — I came to get dow
Phibes — Push em up
Tonic — Informer
Footwork six million ways (B-side remix)
Daigo — Robot rock
Featurecast — Dirt of your shoulder edit
Lack lemmon — LVIS

Dj Richy J — Guest MIX, NSB Radio Mix 7th May

Исполнитель Dj Richy J
Год 2015
Breaks, Funk, Ghetto Funk, Hip-Hop

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