This is a mix CD that I made back in September 2003 with DJ Red. I figured it was worth uploading, comments are welcome!

All vinyl, mixed and scratched up by DJ Kid Stretch and DJ Red, enjoy!


DJ Red — DJ Red Intro
Insight — Ghetto Blaster
Triple Seis — New York, New York
Push Button Objects — 360 Degrees
Lexicon — These Days
Eyedea & Abilities — Big Shots
Skitzofreniks — It Don’t Matter
Jurassic 5 — What’s Golden
Styles Of Beyond — Mr. Brown
Dynamo Productions — Back To Basics
Mystic — Current Events
Tonedeff — Ridiculous
Buckshot — The Real (remix)
Extended Fam — Obligatory Posse Cut

DJ Kid Stretch — Kid Stretch Intro
Warriorz — Δεν Μπορώ
7L & Esoteric — What I Mean
Cocoa Brovaz — Super Brooklyn (Kid Stretch edit)
Gangstarr — Skillz
RJD2 — Ghostwriter
Non Phixion — Rock Stars
Afu-Ra — Lyrical Monster
Unsung Heroes — The Next Degree
The Beatnuts — Ya Betta Believe It
Mr. Akil — How MCs’ Do It
DJ Kid Stretch — Bitches Fart Too skit
Mos Def, Diverse & Prefuse 73 — Wylin’ Out (RJD2 remix)
DJ Kid Stretch — Kid Stretch scratch
DJ Kid Stretch — Feeling So Lone
DJ Kid Stretch — I’ll Give You Plenty Of Love

DJ Kid Stretch & DJ Red present: The Mighty Skratchman

Исполнитель DJ Kid Stretch
Год 2014
Bboy Breaks

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