This is a mix I put together a few weeks back for my upcoming Canada tour that’s taking place in March 2012. My first time in Canada & I’m hyped to be coming over! This is a look at some of the sounds I’ll be playing, tho I got LOADS of new jams ready for the tour!


  1. D-Funk Intro
  2. Funky Hit Records — Mish Mas vs Lyric Born (D-Funk Edit)
  3. Do Wop That Glitch Thing — D-Funk vs Lauryn Hill
  4. International Flava — D-Funk (Demo Version)
  5. The Boss — D-Funk (Original Mix)
  6. It’s On Tonight — Steve Velocity Feat. Lemayniac (D-Funk Mix)
  7. Get Up — Stanton Warriors feat Ruby Goe & Hollywood Holt (D-Funk’s Damm Those Deadlines Mix)
  8. Ill Behaviour — Ez Icrus (D-Funk’s Troble Mix)
  9. Nothing But Money — D-Funk
  10. Ripgroove — Double 99 (D-Funk & Some DJ’s Rumble In the Bassbin Mix)
  11. Pump Dis Style — D-Funk
  12. From The Speaker — D-Funk
  13. I Need A Dollar — Aloe Blacc (Philly Blunts 3-Way Edit)
  14. Blow The Lid Off — D-Funk (Demo Version)

D-Funk — Canada 2012 Tour Promo Mix

Исполнитель D-Funk
Год 2011
Dj Mix, Funky, Ghetto Funk

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