A clip of my remix of Apashe & Noyls «Funk Your Motha» OUT NOW on the «Funky Family EP» on Kannibalen Records!

«Funk Family is the third EP by Apashe on Kannibalen Records, and it marks a watershed moment in the young Belgian producer’s artistic evolution. His last EP, 2012’s Ritual, was heavily shaped by tribal sounds. On Funky Family, he’s now back with a trio of tracks that incorporate elements of funk and hip-hop, while still retaining his trademark granular synthesis and breakcore influences. Funk Your Daddy kicks off the EP in full-on party mood, inviting listeners to boogie down over a soundtrack of brass hits and bass slaps. The second track, a deliciously groovy glitch-hop number called Funk Your Sista, sees Apashe reunite with Belgian compatriot Enkephalin, with whom he previously collaborated on 2012’s darkstep anthem FX Church. Track number 3, Funk Your Motha, features the scratching talents of French turntablist Noyl, and should appeal to both b-boys and bassheads.

Four remixes close out the EP. Asian Trash Boy serves up a turbo-charged version of Funk Your Daddy that contains traces of drumstep, drum ‘n bass and trap. Italian producer Tapekiller turns in a swinging, break-heavy remix of Funk Your Sista, while Belgian dubstep prodigy Syndaesia’s take on the same track is a wonderfully chaotic mashing of glitched-up samples and distorted basslines. Last but not least, Father Funk fully lives up to his moniker, producing a masterful remix of Funk Your Motha that’s part 1993 g-funk, part 2013 wobble-fest.»

Apashe ft. Noyl — Funk Your Motha (Father Funk Remix)

Исполнитель Father Funk
Год 2013
Ghetto Funk, Remix

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